The WSOP is here. Interesting facts about legendary series

Biggest Main Event? Youngsters in action against Phil Hellmuth!

By Filip Pedzich | 20 Jun 2024
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The World Series of Poker® in Las Vegas is the biggest and most well-known series around the world. The 2024 Main Event begins on July 3, so if you want to be part of it, better hurry! But if you are not into spending thousands of dollars this year, you might as well read some interesting WSOP facts, get inspired and learn the best poker strategies with Poker Academy’s Postflop Tool.

The WSOP money is huge! The American dream straight from Las Vegas

The WSOP 2023 Main Event was absolutely record-breaking. Daniel Weinman, who scooped as much as $12,100,000 for first place, battled through a field of over 10,000 entrants! In comparison, the first-ever WSOP champion Johnny Moss had to face only six other players back in 1970. What’s more important, he didn’t win but was rather chosen by his fellow opponents in a secret ballot. He proved his greatness by winning a real WSOP tournament one year later.

Daniel Weinman after winning over $12M

Youngsters in action: they were born to win the WSOP

The World Series of Poker is a dream of every poker player, but the pleasure of winning a bracelet will happen only to a handful of them. Not to mention becoming a champion of the Main Event. However, there are a couple of lucky guys who managed to ‘finish the game’ in a very early stage of their poker journey. One of them is obviously Phil Hellmuth, who became a champion at 24. His record was unbeaten for over 25 years. In 2008, almost 23-year-old Peter Eastgate from Denmark dethroned The Poker Brat. Only one year later, Joe Cada won over 8.5 million dollars just a few days before his 22nd birthday. It is he who holds the record to this day. Cada started his poker career very early and improved his skills rapidly, but you can begin at any age and develop your knowledge even faster. Learn about basic and advanced poker tactics here by using Poker Academy’s Tournament Charts.

Phil Hellmuth is the greatest. But he probably told you that already…

Let’s explore some interesting facts about the World Series of Poker! If you win a WSOP event, you get money and, most importantly, the bracelet – the most coveted trophy in the poker world. Phil Hellmuth has won a jaw-dropping seventeen bracelets, which he loves bragging about, but who wouldn’t? Second place belongs to Phil Ivey, who won his 11th trophy this very year! What’s interesting is that Ivey has never won any of the Texas Hold’em events! His successes at the WSOP come specifically from Pot Limit Omaha and other less popular variations of the game.

Bad beats all the way. You have to be lucky and good

Learning and practicing are two very important things, but sometimes, it’s not advanced poker tactics but the poker gods that are needed! Imagine a situation where an opponent opens from Under The Gun, the Cut Off calls, and you defend your pocket 4s from the Big Blind. You see a set on the flop (9h, 7d, 4d) and later on quads on the river. You eventually put your opponent all in and… you get called by a full house, 7s over 4s! Imagine that your name is Espen Jorstad, and you actually won the WSOP Main Event in 2022 after playing this exact spot on Day 3 and hitting quads! Unreal? Yes, but this is why the World Series of Poker events are so exciting!

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