ArticleUnforgettable Poker Bad Beat: Arlie Shaban’s Dramatic Clash of Sets

Just when it seemed that nothing could beat him anymore…

By Doro | 27 Jul 2023
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When it comes to poker hands, few can match the sheer craziness of this one! Arlie Shaban, a PokerStars online ambassador, found himself on the receiving end of an unbelievable bad beat in what appeared to be a guaranteed victory. It was an extraordinary clash of sets, but…

Watch this crazy hand with us.

Arlie Shaban: “I’m thinking here to try to draw in the other people…”

During the Sunset Series event at PokerStars Ontario, a remarkable hand unfolded involving a PokerStars online ambassador Arlie Shaban. This astonishing incident occurred during the first blind level. The video, which you can watch below, captures the moment when two players had already placed all their chips behind the line, leaving the decision in the hands of Arlie Shaban.

The flop revealed J83r, with Shaban holding a pair of Jacks, giving him the highest set and a tremendous opportunity to win an enormous pot. After a brief moment of “hollywooding”, Shaban confidently pushed his chips behind the line. Another player followed suit, resulting in four stacks behind the line and a pot size of 400 big blinds.

In this extraordinary hand, the first opponent (counting from the blinds) had a set of threes, while the second player held an overpair of Queens. Shaban, with his top set of Jacks, seemed destined to claim the massive pot. However, the turn card brought a King, and the river card paired the board with an eight. Unfortunately, Shaban’s hand fell victim to an unexpected turn of events, losing to the quads held by the player known as brano9.


This is the beauty of poker in all its glory, isn’t it. Onto the next one.

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