The New Standard For Excellence

The poker world is dynamic and evolves continually; relying solely on past successes is tantamount to playing a weak hand.

By Gio | 20 Oct 2023
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It’s a difficult truth for many to accept, but no matter how instinctive, sharp, or naturally gifted you are at reading the poker table, if you’re not consistently honing your skills, you’re setting yourself up to be outplayed.

Take a glance at the landscape. There’s a surge of dedicated poker study groups, forums, and communities. Players spend countless hours each week dissecting strategies and understanding probability nuances. These individuals have internalized a pivotal insight: in the high-stakes game of poker, consistent practice is the royal flush.

You might begin with a few lucky hands or an innate knack for reading opponents. But without continuous learning, that advantage starts to fade. While you bask in temporary victories, others are grinding away, hand after hand, game after game. They’re not just matching your skill; they’re setting the new standard for excellence.

Engaging with diverse poker communities provides exposure to a variety of tactics and strategies. Those who immerse themselves in continuous learning have a broader toolkit, ensuring they’re always equipped for the ever-changing dynamics of the poker table. In contrast, those neglecting regular study risk becoming predictable, their strategies outdated.

Recall the classic fable of the tortoise and the hare? It’s not just about the race’s pace; it’s about unwavering commitment. Today’s poker tortoises may not have started with the right people around them or the best strategies, but their dedication makes them formidable opponents in the long run.

The Hard Pill of Consistency

One more harsh truth is that if you delay your improvement, if you keep missing the analysis of your own play, then you must be aware that the best of the best you play against are not. While you relax, they study; while you watch Netflix, they watch poker replays; while you’re scrolling on Instagram, they do group coaching sessions (we might have something for you). The decision is yours: consistently up your game or prepare to fold to those who do.

Another approach to studying is embracing the spotlight. If you believe you’re a seasoned player, don’t hesitate to share your statistics and hands. Don’t be ashamed if others spot mistakes; it’s an opportunity to learn and improve.

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