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By Gio | 10 May 2023
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Greetings everyone!

We are excited to share with you that Poker Academy Postflop Solver is now available to the public after months of dedicated effort.

Although we are still in Beta and continually improving our product, you can start using it right now.

One of the advantages of an actual solver instead of a precalculated library is that you can customize any situation. You can choose any scenario–ranges, bet size, stack size–and you are not restricted by a database provided by someone else.

And by the way, IT IS FAST!

In this article I’m going to quickly show you how to improve your postflop strategies with Poker.Academy.

Poker Academy Postflop Solver
Poker Academy Postflop Solver is finally here!

Since it is a cloud-based poker solver, you can easily access it, and the ease of use for your postflop calculations is now available without needing a supercomputer.

Let us give you a quick example of how it works.

You could take ranges from our Preflop charts as you see below. The spot you pick has to be with only 2 ranges at the end, so heads up or with 2 players involved.

Preflop Poker Charts
Start from Preflop Charts and use the ranges to solve a postflop spot

Once you click on the “Solve Postflop” button, you are taken to the next screen where you can quickly select a flop and analyze it with our preset sizings.

Quick Analyse or Configure your spot!

When you select “Change Configuration,” the option to do your own sizings (which you can see below) will be available. One way to use this is to apply the bet sizings you faced in the game.

You could also edit the ranges yourself as you wish them to be.

Poker Range Editor
Range Editor

There are few pre-set sizes, but we don’t want to limit you; the option to change them as you wish is right there. Be creative!

Bet-sizing configurator
Bet-sizings configuration

Then, you end up on the postflop streets, where you start exploring the action at a deeper level.

Very important here is to mention that when you reach the Turn and River you can select the cards and change them as you wish, as well as sizings for the specific street within the postflop panel.

We will be adding more features, with nodelocking being one of them, and making improvements in the coming months as well.

Then, you can proceed with your post-flop action. Select turns and rivers, and before that, you can edit the bet-sizings for the given street.

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