ArticlePostflop Solver Upgrades

A brief introduction to the latest upgrades to the Postflop Solver at Poker Academy.

By Gio | 13 Nov 2023
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Since the release of our Postflop Solver, our dev team has been hard at work enhancing its features. Check out some of the latest upgrades we now offer!

We’ve made some performance fixes and spruced up the colors to enhance your visual experience.

You can now perform bulk actions in the Node-Lock section effortlessly

You will find this in the node-locking feature under Find Exploits

A new suit selector to make it easier for you to lock in specific combinations in node locks. Give it a try!

Suit Selector

We’ve made some performance updates, and thanks to your suggestions, we’ve added a button to change bet sizings directly in the main postflop window! Of course, you can still tweak them in the card selection modal (flop, turn, river).

Changing sizings is now even easier!

You can now save your sizings as presets and customize your defaults hassle-free.

Add presets to your profile

We’ve recently added graph features with a handy bucket selection option! Now, visualize how ranges interact more easily.

You can select Draws, Equity or Hands to compare both ranges.

Give it a go!

Click on the Graph just under the the action display

As always, we value your feedback! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Feel free to share your ideas and feature requests – we’re all ears!

To get access to the Poker Academy’s Postflop Solver you need a Standard or Premium subscription.

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