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Transform into the ultimate Bounty Builder through our upcoming webinar series.

By Gio | 11 Oct 2023
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Spotlight on our New Coach: We’re thrilled to introduce Alex “grinder1992” Dimitrov to Poker Academy’s elite coaching roster. With professional poker experience spanning since 2011, Alex boasts an impressive track record both online and in live tournaments. This October promises to be enlightening, as we have three special sessions scheduled with him, focusing on the “PKO Series”

Alex Dimitrov in His Own Words:

My poker journey began modestly with a 1.5$ SNG table, eventually progressing to 1k$ MTTs. With a strict adherence to Bankroll Management (BRM), I’ve achieved a remarkable average buy-in (ABI) of around 350$. My accolades include over 10M in total online MTT winnings and securing the 2nd spot on the PocketFives leaderboard in 2016. Beyond its financial allure, poker remains my unwavering passion. Recently, I’ve dedicated my efforts towards mastering GTO, PKOs, and ICM.

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Session 1: 12th October
  • Session 2: 20th October
  • Session 3: 27th October

Why PKO? As Progressive Knockout (PKO) (get access to our Final Table sims as a subscriber) tournaments increasingly dominate the online scene, this series will be pivotal for those keen to elevate their game.

Where to Watch: The recordings of the sessions will be exclusive to Poker Academy subscribers. Although we will be sharing snippets on our YouTube channel, attending the live stream ensures you extract maximum value. The link will be posted in Discord, at the time of the event.

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See you there!


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