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Diving into these PKO webinar series isn’t just about watching; it’s about absorbing in-depth strategies, dissecting key elements of bounty tournaments, and fortifying your skills for playing PKOs more profitably.

By Gio | 17 Nov 2023
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We’ve decided to make all parts of our PKO Series with Alex public! Feel free to share, and don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons on Youtube to support us and inspire more content like this in the future!

These sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to understand the intricacies of bounty structures, refine your game tactics, and gain the edge needed to maximize your earnings in PKOs, ultimately elevating your performance and success at the tables.

Merely watching and checking off as “viewed” won’t cut it. Passive learning won’t lead to growth; active engagement is key.

Take detailed notes and feel free to ask questions during coaching sessions. We’re here to assist you if something isn’t clear.

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