ArticlePKO Final Tables are here!

In our latest update for preflop simulations, we’re excited to introduce 13 new solutions for the PKO Final Table game type.

By Gio | 26 Aug 2023
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Newest Update in Poker Academy’s Preflop Database

These solutions cover an 8-max table with an average stack size ranging from 17bb to 52bb. With players holding as little as 6bb and as much as 94 big blinds, this brings the total number of practice scenarios in the Trainer to nearly 500,000.

To access the solutions, simply navigate to the Tournaments tab and locate the PKO Final Table. From there, select your preferred scenario and delve into the ranges. Keep in mind that ranges interact with one another, so take a closer look to understand the reasons behind certain actions. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in Discord.

Payouts and structure are of course crucial information as well and you can find them from the drop-down menu over the range matrix.

Allow me to provide you with a brief overview of the additions made from the past three months up until the present moment:

  • 10% asymmetric
  • 15% asymmetric
  • Satellites
  • Direct Bubble
  • BB Ante
  • PKO Final Table

Poker Academy’s preflop solutions database is expanding, making it easier for you to practice various scenarios in a fast-paced, almost real-game environment. It is super easy to play 50 or even 100 hands in no time and then go back to studying what you did wrong (at least in GTO world). The trainer is a great way to improve your study conditions and enhance your skills at no extra cost.

Enhance your skills without any extra charges!
Huge Database with presolved preflop spots for you to study from.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Poker Academy, consider it the next time you knock someone out. Why not even drop a quick message in the table chat: “Thanks for the bounty! Gonna use your money to get a Poker Academy plan now.”

But seriously, avoiding a costly final table mistake could save you a lot of money and compensate for a subscription plan, depending on the stakes you play, even an annual plan, no matter which is the software of your choice.

If you want to get access to our solutions I advise you to go with our best plan where you will be able to use the preflop ranges in the postflop solver as well, unlimited!

Premium plan includes presolved preflop solutions and the ability to Nodelock Postflop with many different sizings.

For different payment methods open a ticket in Discord.

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