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Find out more about our latest simulations, featuring BB ante.

By Doro | 04 Jul 2023
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We are proud to introduce Big Blind ante to our preflop simulations – the first of its kind in the market! This feature enables you to replicate live game conditions more accurately than ever before. Have a look and discover all the available scenarios.

What is BB Ante?

Big Blind Ante (BBA) is relatively recent change to how antes are posted in tournament poker. Traditionally, each player at the table would contribute an ante every hand. However, with the Big Blind Ante format, instead of each player posting an ante each hand, the responsibility falls on the player in the Big Blind position.

This player posts an amount equal to the Big Blind, which serves as the ante for the entire table. The purpose of this change is primarily to speed up the game. It simplifies the process of collecting antes and ensures that the number of hands dealt per level increases, leading to a more efficient and enjoyable game.

Where can I find BB ante simulations?

Once logged in, click the “Go to charts” button to view the preflop simulations. Then from the dropdown menu choose the: “BB ante NEW”.

Currently, there are five simulations available, but the creator and co-founder of Poker Academy Jan Przysucha told us that more scenarios will be added in the future.

At Poker Academy we strive to provide the best preflop simulations on the market and that’s why we are now beginning to include scenarios with BB ante – a format that is currently dominant in live games. We look forward to gradually increasing the number of available scenarios for our Users.

Jan Przysucha – Poker Academy co-founder

We welcome Your feedback!

We would love to hear your thoughts on our latest improvement and any new simulations you would like to see in the future. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

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