ArticleIf you want to break free?

There’s very little difference in poker knowledge between say, the number one player and the number thirty player in the world.

By Jason Su | 29 Jan 2024
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Hey, Jason Su back at it again here.

Here’s one thing I know about tournament poker.

Above all, it rewards one thing:

The ability to stay present, think clearly, and trust your instincts when playing in a spot that you’ve never seen before and will never see again, all for an amount of money that you may never be playing for ever again.

In other words, it’s a lot of pressure.

If you can’t do this?

You can’t go to the top.

You can still be a good player, someone who others respect, who is good to have in a group chat because you always seem to know the answer and understand the theory well.

But you can’t be “that player.”

The one who people fear, who people hate playing against because they know that nothing will take you off your game no matter how crazy the circumstances get.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve coached some people who play at the highest of stakes out there, and there’s very little difference in poker knowledge between say, the number one player and the number thirty player in the world—in fact, those two are probably friends and study together.

The difference comes down to staying present, and trusting your instincts.

One skill that you’ll need in order to do this:

The ability to let go.

To truly let the past be in the past, rather than get stuck thinking about it, worrying that it’s going to repeat itself, and allow it to change the way that you make your decisions.

The thing is, if you suffer from this inability to let go, it’s not random.

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You’ve been conditioned to be this way.

By people around you your entire life, because that’s how they live.

And if you want to break free?

You’ve gotta be different, which means you need:

  1. Better ideas
  2. Relentless consistency in applying these ideas throughout your life

If you want the better ideas, come to the webinar tomorrow.

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