How to eliminate regret

The Poker Academy team reached out because they want you to learn how to maximize your poker knowledge and play your best poker no matter the situation.

By Jason Su | 19 Dec 2023
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Hey, it’s Jason Su (@jasonbsu) of Poker With Presence. I’ve now helped countless people master this skill.

Whether you’re:

  • Deep in a tournament for huge money
  • On a big downswing and lacking confidence
  • Feeling emotionally drained from the grind

The way to stay sharp and play well is the same:

To become fully present in each moment.

To not let the fear and thoughts from the past get to you—and instead to trust your instincts, play your best game, and walk away with no regrets.

The results don’t lie.

My tournament players alone who prioritize this skill hit high score after high score, ship WSOP bracelets, and have taken down millions of dollars of profit while reducing their stress levels.

And you can master it too.

But only if you’re ready to try something new.


On that topic:

Regret is a truly expensive habit (yes, I said habit).

One that, if you don’t understand how it works and how to get rid of it, will completely ruin your ROI.

For instance:

How many times have you fired an extra bullet in a tournament with no chance to win, or been too afraid to pull the trigger on a great spot, or not be able to get yourself to study and prepare in the way you know you want to, all because you can’t get a certain hand or memory out of your head?

It’s like a virus in your mind.

And if you don’t know how to deal with it?

It’ll completely change the way you behave, both at and away from the table—all in ways that drain your winrate and add a whole ton of stress and misery to your life.

On this topic, I’ve got you.

I presented a webinar called How to Eliminate Regret so that you can stop letting the past affect you in the present moment.

The stuff I shared is the same stuff I’ve given on this topic to my highest paying 1-on-1 clients.

Nothing held back.

It’s all been proven to work at the highest of stakes with the most on the line.

And by the way:

If you’re a serious poker player who wants to be able to stay completely confident and focused and play your best game when all the money is at stake, come read my newsletter and you can get started with this right away.

Many people write me to tell me how the newsletter has changed their game.

High stakes pro and coach Kevin Rabichow wrote:

“I always appreciate the perspective you bring to poker … been game changing for me.”


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