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Poker Academy Ambassador Shines Again

By Doro | 18 Aug 2023
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Dominik Pańka, one of the most successful Polish poker players, has added another impressive result to his resume. He finished 7th in the Main Event of the Merit Poker Retro Series, a festival that took place in the Northern Cyprus

Pańka is one of the most accomplished Polish poker players. He has won over $3.3 million in live tournaments, including the prestigious European Poker Tour title at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2014. He is also a proud ambassador of Poker Academy, the best online platform for developing poker skills.

Cooler eliminates Dominik Pańka from the Main Event

The Main Event of Merit Poker Retro Series had a buy-in of $3,300 and a guaranteed prize pool of $3,000,000. It attracted 1,223 entries which resulted in 143 players making it to the ITM stage.

Dominik Pańka started the final day of the Main Event with a stack of 14,875,000, which put him in 4th place out of nine remaining players. He played solidly and patiently, waiting for good spots to make his moves.

In the wake of two rapid eliminations, the Pole found himself in a cooler spot during a hand against Nenad Dukic. Pańka had K9 on the flop of 988. His opponent had A8. Both players checked. The 6 came on the turn. Dukic bet for 2,8 mln and Domink went all-in for 9,4 mln. Call. 4 arrived on the river and it was all over for the Pole.

Dominik Pańka was eliminated in 7th place. He earned $95,900 for his impressive performance.

Dominik Pańka ©Merit Poker Series

Darko Svesko wins ME Merit Poker Retro Series

In the end, Darko Svesko and Oleg Nataliev met in the heads-up of this tournament.

In the last hand of the tournament Oleg Netaliev had AQ and limped from the SB. Svesko held KK and raised to 4,500,000. A Netaliev responded with an all-in for 31,800,000 and got a call. Svesko’s pocket KK held on the T-high board and he became the winner of the Main Event. He took home $567,000 and a trophy for his victory. Netaliev earned $417,900 for his runner-up finish.

Darko Svesko after winning ME Merit Poker Series (Aug. 2023)
Darko Svesko ©Merit Poker Series

Here is the final table payout:

1Darko SveskoSerbia$567,000
2Oleg NetalievRussia$417,900
3Michel AtallahLebanon$257,900
4Nenad DukicSerbia$191,100
5David HuCanada$142,400
6Ruslan VolkovRussia$115,100
7Dominik PańkaPoland$95,900
8Thomas EychenneFrance$76,300
9Ara MelkisetianArmenia$56,700

Congratulations to Dominik Pańka

We congratulate Dominik Pańka on his remarkable result. We are proud to have him as our ambassador. Register today and start learning winning poker strategies the the same way the best poker players do.

We also encourage you to read the PA’s profile of Dominik Panka.

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