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By Doro | 21 Aug 2023
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Explore the new mobile version of Preflop Academy! Gain instant access to over 400,000 preflop charts, allowing you to simulate nearly every poker situation you might encounter at the tables. Learn poker on the go, wherever you are.

We’ve recently launched the beta version of Preflop Academy Mobile App, available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download the app for free from Google Play and the Apple Store.

What’s inside Preflop Academy mobile app?

Experience an incredibly intuitive tool that matches the capabilities of the web version. With just a swipe of a thumb, you can start configuring your simulations. From here you can quickly define key parameters like: game type, scenario, category, Hero position, and Villain position. Once you’ve selected desired settings, you can instantly move on to analyzing the results.

Our goal is to make your experience with Preflop Academy as smooth as it can be. Just like in the web version, we not only present the specific chart you’re searching for but also provide related charts. Consider a situation where you’re examining the 3-betting range against a player on the BTN while seated at the SB. On the same screen, you’ll discover not only a comprehensive strategy tailored to that scenario but also a related strategies, in this case Villain’s RFI strategy.

Download today Preflop Academy for your mobile device effortlesly from Google Play or Apple Store. Start making use of the top-notch training materials as we speak.

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