ArticleDaniel Weinman wins the record-breaking WSOP Main Event! ($12,1 mln)

Winning this event was an uphill task, but Daniel Weinman persevered and ultimately prevailed – making him a new poker legend, an inspiration, a role model!

By Doro | 18 Jul 2023
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After a surprisingly swift conclusion to the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) $10,000 Main Event World Championship, Georgia’s Daniel Weinman emerged victorious as the newly crowned world poker champion – taking home a staggering $12,100,000 in prize money.

A total of 10,043 poker players from around the world competed in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. After ten days of intense action, only one emerged victorious: American Daniel Weinman, who took home the championship bracelet and over 12 million dollars.

Key hands from the final day of the Main Event

The final day saw Daniel Weinman, Steven Jones and Adam Walton battle for the illustrious crown. While their stacks were deep, the decisive moment occurred rather quickly.

Walton was eliminated after he chose to go all-in with a pair of 8s against Weinman’s squeeze. As it turned out, his opponent just happened to have a pair of AAs. The better hand held up and we had a heads-up.

Adam Walton - the 3rd. place finisher in the ME WSOP 2023
Adam Walton, ©Spenser Sembrat

The heads-up match saw some conservative play before the tournament ended on just two hands. On the deciding hand, Jones played c-bet for 6 million and called Weinman’s raise to 18.5 million on the J-high flop (J52). On the turn Weinman bet 38 million into the pot and after several minutes Jones decided to go all-in. Weinman was way ahead with his KJ against Jones’ J8. Then an ace on the river sealed his victory.

Adam Walton - the runner-up in the ME WSOP 2023
Steven Jones, ©Spenser Sembrat

Daniel Weinman is your new WSOP Main Event World Champion!

The winner of this year’s Main Event is Daniel Weinman took home a whopping $12.1 million in prize money for his efforts. As for the runner-up and third place finishers, Steven Jones won $6.5 million, while Adam Walton was rewarded with a generous $4 million prize. The six other players who made it to the final table also received hefty payouts – all in all, this year’s Main Event was an incredible success!

  1. Daniel Weinman USA $12,100,0002
  2. Steven Jones USA $6,500,000
  3. Adam Walton USA $4,000,0004
  4. Jan-Peter Jachtmann Germany $3,000,000
  5. Ruslan Prydryk Ukraine $2,400,0006
  6. Dean Hutchison Scotland $1,850,0007
  7. Toby Lewis England $1,425,0008
  8. Juan Maceiras Spain $1,125,000
  9. Daniel Holzner Italy $900,000

The conclusion of the Main Event marks the end of the 54th World Series of Poker festival. The final event, Event 95 $1,000 Super Turbo NLHE, will take place on July 18th and is sure to be an exciting finale to a fantastic event!

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