ArticleBe the person who still tries

It is important to know when to slow down and when to speed up.

By Gio | 21 Jul 2023
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After failure, frustration, disappointment, exhaustion, and heartache, be the person who musters up the courage to believe that a new attempt can bring about a new outcome. Be the person who still tries.

Michell C. Clark

And this is true on every level.

What else could you do? Give up? And live with “what if…”?

In my opinion there is no such thing as giving up; this is imaginary. Life continues, and you either create a habit of giving up or build up discipline. “Giving up” will only put you in a repeating cycle, and life will test you again at some point to see if you are still going to give up and repeat the cycle or finally level up.

Of course, things change, you change with age and as a person, goals rearrange; things that we really wanted before, now we don’t — for whatever reasons.

It’s normal and it’s fine to move on and actually quit something that doesn’t brings you value or joy. But if what you pursue is really important and vital to you, then you must be the one who still tries.

If poker is that thing, then that’s good. It is a very, very, VERY challenging game on every level. Stop for a second, take a look around, explore your options and if this is what you want to pursue, no matter as a hobby or professionally, be the person who still tries! Be all-in.

It is important to know when to slow down and when to speed up. Sometimes need to take breaks or make big moves, while other times you need to maintain a steady pace. Each situation requires a different approach and it’s not always possible to do everything at once. It’s common to feel like we need to give our all constantly, but that’s not always the best option.

But also, I feel it is important to note that you should not compare yourself to others; this is your own path. Yes, ask for guidance and take advice from people who inspire you, but the decisions must align with you and you are the one making the final call, or fold.

Some people suggest playing without emotions while others recommend acknowledging and expressing them. Or to feel them while they happen, but to stay calm and relaxed.

The bottom line is that emotions are a factor to consider. You will experience all the emotions, so you need to find a way to handle them if you want to be person who still tries, even if it is something else, sometimes trying something else is the only path of progression.

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