ArticleActive Breaks for Poker Crushers – Video Series

Active Breaks for Crushers is a video series of 8 episodes where performance coach Simon Welsch goes through different exercises and breathing techniques you can do in your five-minute breaks to get an extra edge, to feel better, and to sharpen your thinking. Simon Welch is a Performance Coach and a Master of Sports Science.

By Gio | 12 May 2023
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Episode 1 – Basic Strength Activity for beginners

Get your whole body moving with this simple active break, that includes 3 different exercises for different muscle groups. Bring your legs, back and your chest into movement in order to bring more oxygen to the brain. This break is for beginners who would like to get their heartrate up during their 5 minute break.

Episode 2 – Moderate Strength Activity (for advanced movers)

5 minutes of break and 4 minutes of movement? Say no more. This active break helps you bring your heartrate up while training the muscle groups you neglected while crushing your games. This training will help you move your whole body. It is especially useful when you lack energy and would like to reactivate your brain.

Episode 3 – High-intensity training for poker players

HIIT is as cool as ever – but is it useful? Yes, especially for poker players who grind SCOOP or any other poker series. With this active break, you can bring oxygen and lactate to the brain which improves alertness and concentration. If you are new to training, you can shorten the time of moving and keep the breaks longer. If you repeat this break frequently, you will be able to go all the way at some point.

Episode 4 – Advanced High-intensity break for poker players

Have you been moving a lot throughout your life? This break is for you if you would like to receive the awesome benefits of your metabolism being upregulated. If you do not manage to go all the way yet, you can take breaks from moving. Repeating this break 2-3 times a day will have an impact on your cardiovascular system and improve your health.

Episode 5 – Mobilize your spine

Caught in a chair all day? Guess what, that is not what are bodies are designed for. This break helps you get your back into movement again. Some mobility will help your discs to be nourished and improve your range of motion. If you’d like to take an easy break from playing, this is exactly what you need.

Episode 6 – Open your hip

This active break helps you mobilize your lower body, especially your hip. If you are caught in a chair all day and never activate your glutes through squatting or lunging, you might want to be aware of opening and moving your hip. If you’d like to take an easy break from playing and feel better, then this is what you need.

Episode 7 – Box-Breathing

Are you playing an important final table? Are you feeling anxious and/ or overly excited? Breathing exercises have an enormous impact on our nervous system and can help us feel more calm and balanced. Use this breathing exercise if you would like to relax and manage your decisions as objectively as possible.

Episode 8 -Mindfulness in 5 minutes

Are you distracted a lot while playing? Don’t feel like in the zone? Say no more. Being present in the moment is key when playing poker. No matter what stakes you play. This short mindfulness practice helps you stay calm and takes you exactly where you need to be: Here and now. Even if you’ve never practiced mindfulness before, this is a great place to start.

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