Article$50,000 PLO High Roller – A once in a lifetime opportunity for PA friend Paweł Chmiel

A veteran elite poker player and friend of the Poker Academy, grabbed his chance at glory in the $50,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller event

By Doro | 02 Jul 2023
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Paweł Chmiel, an experienced professional poker player and a long time friend of Poker Academy, faced a rare challenge when he entered event #71 of the tournament with a $50,000 entry fee. How did he fare in this Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller?  Let’s find out!

Chmiel, a highly experienced poker player from Poland, triumphed in the satellite and earned his spot at one of WSOP’s most expensive events this year: the $50,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller. His victory enabled him to participate in this high-profile tournament with the potential to profit immensely.

Swimming with sharks

At the end of the first day of Event #71, a three-day tournament involving 200 poker players, 70 players had advanced. Among them was Pawel Chmiel who held the 50th largest stack with 421,000 chips. The chip leader at Day 1’s close was Alex Foxen with 2,868,000. 

The information booklet indicated that play on day two would have continued until the best five of the tournament were determined. Unfortunately, this did not come to fruition as players dropped out too slowly and the clock was stopped at 11 players in total. Unfortunately, there is no Pole among these remaining participants; Paweł Chmiel had done his best but dropped out around two hours after play resumed on Day 2 of the tournament.

Mikołaj Zawadzki, Paweł Brzeski, Paweł Chmiel
Mikołaj Zawadzki, Paweł Brzeski, Paweł Chmiel ©Rafał Gładysz

The top 30 players advanced to the ITM stage, guaranteeing a minimum prize of $82,474 for each of them. The eventual winner will receive an impressive total payout of $2,303,017 – no doubt a life-changing amount of money! 

Who will win one of the most prestigious bracelets?

Here are the 11 players vying for a chance at the championship bracelet and huge money today.

Tyler Smith ©Omar Sader,
1Tyler Smith14,000,000
2Jesse Lonis8,650,000
3Elias Harala6,575,000
4Danny Hannawa6,125,000
5Kabeelan Rajamurthy5,400,000
6James Park4,325,000
7Anthony Marsico3,525,000
8Adam Hendrix3,500,000
9Jonas Kronwitter3,225,000
10Isaac Haxton2,500,000
11Ian Matakis2,150,000

You can follow text coverage of the event on Pokernews.

More recently, Marcin “Góral” Horecki demonstrated how to win gold bracelets at the WSOP. Inspired by the success of their fellow countryman, Chmiel and other Polish poker players continue their pursuit of additional victories. Good luck to all!

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