Article4 mistakes to avoid in poker tournaments (part 3)

If you believe your play from the blinds is overly passive, this article is designed specifically for you.

By Doro | 24 Jul 2023
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In the concluding episode of our exploration into the mistakes that players make preflop with Vlada Stojanovic, we will delve into two different situations. These are identified as scenarios: Chip EV – 3-betting/jamming vs LP Open (30-50 bb deep). Here there are:

  • Missing 3-bets vs wide ranges
  • Missing shoves vs wide ranges

Missing 3-bets vs wide ranges

We are facing a 50% open raising range and we need to respond with the aggression. We need to find these 13,7% raises – says Vlada.

He suggests reviewing your hand history to determine the frequency of your 3-bet in this situation. After gaining this insight, it would be beneficial to utilize the training module at Poker Academy. Here, you can rehearse this particular scenario, honing your skills until they are flawless.

As always, it is important that we understand why we 3-bet specific parts of our range.

Like with for example J8s, T8s, 98s we are going to raise hands, that are going to fold out J8o, Q8o, K8o—that we are dominated by.

Missing shoves vs wide ranges

I still see people calling small pairs in these situations and it just doesn’t make much sense to play it this way into a wide opening range from the BTN – says Vlada.

It’s noteworthy that hands like A5o or A2o at 35bb can also be effectively played through an all-in open with BTN. These types of hands perform well in this situation, as they block the opponent’s strong hands.

K7s is another hand that piques interest. By going all-in with this hand, we aim to fold out offsuit hands like K7o, K8o, K9o, KTo, KJo. The opponent only begins to call with KQo. As usual, our attention is primarily on offsuit hands as they form a large portion of the villain’s range.

This is a mental block that we have in our minds. We feel like it is too much. But we also need to consider the fact that he is opening 50% range. And if so, then why should I play him postflop with pocket deuces, if I can make him fold 73% of the time? – says Vlada.

This marks the end of our three-part series where Vlada Stojanovic delved into prevalent errors players commit during preflop play. We encourage you to access the complete lecture available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

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